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N O R T H   J E R S E Y   S O C C E R   L E A G U E
                                   Premier                Over-30        Over-40        
                                   Open Teams        Teams        Teams (note 7)
NJSL Dues (note 1)         $1000.00               $1000.00          $700.00         
Bond (note 2)                     $200.00                 $200.00          $-      
                                    $1,200.00               $1,200.00         $700.00         
Referee Fees (note 3)            $80.00          $70.00          $70.00         
State Cup (note 4)                 $80.00          $80.00          $80.00         
Field Fees (note 5)                 TBD          TBD          TBD         
Fines (note 6)                         TBD          TBD          TBD         

Note 1:  NJSL Dues cover the first 18 players registered.  It includes secondary medical insurance and field liability
insurance as provided by the NJSA.  The registration of each player over the 18 included will cost an additional $32 per player
Also included is the entry to the NJSL League Cup or Mel Smith Cup.
Note 2:  All teams are required to maintain a $200 bond with the league
Note 3:  Referee fees are SPLIT by each team and paid at the game.  They are subject to increase in the upcoming season.
Note 4:  The State Cup is an optional tournament amongst teams from several leagues in NJ
Note 5:  Teams are expected to provide a home field for their scheduled home games.
Note 6:  Teams are FINED for various offenses from RED cards to forfeiting games - TBD
Note 7:  Inaugural Over40 Teams will pay only Player Registration and field insurance costs portion of Dues.
Teams are scheduled for approximately 18 games beginning in Sept - early Dec, then late March into June.
Other games depend on advancement in the various cup tournaments:  NJSL League Cup, Mel Smith Cup, or State Cup.
Games are normally schedule for SUNDAY mornings though we allow for certain flexibility in that especially in our
WORLD Divisions (more competitive divisions)  Makeup games and advanced Cup games (all Cups) are subject to being .
scheduled and played during the week at night.